Three of the most accommodating cities for pregnant travelers

Finding out you or a loved one is expecting is an exciting time – but it’s also a huge change in your life. Post-baby, your holidays will be limited to child-friendly destinations for a few years, so why not take the opportunity for a child-free trip before your little one arrives?

There are certain precautions you should take when travelling while pregnant, but there are hundreds of suitable destinations where you can relax and enjoy your last holiday as a non-parent. We’ve picked out three of the best cities to visit as a pregnant traveler.

1. Lisbon

One of Europe’s prettiest cities, Lisbon offers culture, great food and lovely weather just a short flight away – key for an enjoyable holiday if you’re pregnant. The iconic trams of the city are not only a fun way to explore, but as an above-ground transport network, they offer a great way for pregnant women who may be more tired than usual to see the city.

Lisbon, Portugal

Image by Vianney Dugrain from Pixabay

The weather in Lisbon is temperate all year round, but it would be wise to plan your trip outside of the hottest months of July and August when there are highs of around 28, and it may become uncomfortable. Be sure to grab a Pastéis de Nata or custard tart to keep your energy levels up and drink plenty of water.

2. Rome

Like Lisbon, Rome is in Western Europe and travelers who fall sick can expect a high standard of medical care – more important than ever when travelling while pregnant. It’s also one of Europe’s biggest tourist destinations, which means that infrastructure is great, and you’ll be able to navigate and travel around the city easily.

Vatican city is lovely. Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay

To avoid too much walking when temperatures are high, hop-on-hop-off bus tours can be a great way to see the sights, with drop off points close to the Colosseum, Vatican City and the Trevi Fountain, among other tourist destinations. Like Lisbon, it gets very hot at the height of summer, so it’s best avoided in July and August, but the abundance of pizza and pasta and fresh fruit in Italy is sure to provide great fuel for anyone eating for two.

3. Berlin

For a slightly cooler city break, Berlin is a great option, boasting lots of art, culture, history and foodie treats at a slightly lower temperature. In the winter it can be pretty chilly and wet, but the weather is likely to be pleasant through spring, summer and autumn, without getting quite as hot as Rome or Lisbon.

Berlin, Germany, Europe

Image by jiriposival0 from Pixabay

Check out the remains of the Berlin Wall for a fascinating insight into the recent history of Western Europe, or grab a curry-wurst for an authentic taste of the city’s favourite delicacy. You might want to give the city’s famous nightlife a miss while you’re expecting, but you’ll find plenty of great restaurants in Berlin for a more low-key evening out.

Like Lisbon and Rome, Berlin has a great public transport system so you can avoid too much time on your feet whilst pregnant.


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