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Sardinia road trip and camping

Camping with a toddler and a preggy on an  Italian island? It was fun. The only problem was the weather.

When is perfect time to visit Sardinia?

At the beginning of May 2018, we managed to get one one day of swimming and lots of rain. Some of the attractions we planned to visit, were closed do to flooding. Some camps in Italy were not open yet at end of April.

Normally, May average weather should be pleasant and perfect for babies and toddlers, who get sun burned fast. But, this year we got to see flooded Sardinia. We might try June next time.

August is the hottest month and also time when Italians do their Ferragosto holiday and usually join the crowds of tourists on the beach.

What did we do on Sardinia island?

Sardinia is a lot bigger than it looks. You can spend all vacation on the beach and in the local pubs around Olbia (we visited flower fair there) or climb and hike in the famous Cala Gonone valley. Driving around takes lots of time, since there is no motorway, only scenic roads by the see or over the mountains.

Driving from one mountain village to another involved great views and plenty of sheep, but also took a lot of our time. Villages were full of surprises. There is Orgosolo, famous for its murals, but we had to stop at another village on the way there. Half of the houses had portraits of someone famous with a quote on the garage doors.

You could also take the Little green train. Some lines are only open during tourist season, so do check in advance.

Check our top 5 things to do on Sardinia (link will be added).


What did we eat on Sardinia road trip?

Goblins love Italian food. There were loads of different types of pasta available. Sardinians take great pride in their cheese. Here is a list of top five amazingly fine sardinian cheeses. We tried some and didn’t try to find the one with maggots.

sardinia, sardegna, street food, olbia, olbia in fiore

We decided to come back here to eat on the last day of the trip, to try local street food. We returned, even trough it was raining heavily. Can only recommend it.

We loved Sardinian Culurgiones and different seafood takeouts/fast food options.


Typical breakfast is ”dolce” (something sweet like croasant) and cappuccino.

When could we eat during our road trip around Sardinia? This was a bit tricky 🙂

This was a bit of a problem. We are used to restaurants that are open from dusk till down. Preggies and toddlers like to eat 24/7 but restaurants and some shops on Sardinia close for a long siesta. Even some gas stations were closed. We made sure to stock up on healthy snacks to survive without tantrums. Goblinette does get cranky when hungry. 🙂 Even the restaurant in the camp near Olbia was closed most of the day, only opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but dinner started after 19:00 – to late for our Lil’Goblin.

Where did we sleep?

In May, getting a space for a tent in any camp wasn’t a problem. After it started raining cats and dogs, we moved to a small lodge. In top season, do check your options in advance. Here are some deals for you:

We had great luck with, with Airbnb hosts not so much. On the way back home, back in Italy, was actually the first time we had to contact Airbnb help desk, because the host was impossible to reach.

Sardinia with a toddler

Italy is very baby and child friendly country. We had the same experience at Cinque Terre a year before.

Our kid loves playing with sand, so Sardinia’s endless beaches were perfect for him.

When we hid from the rain in the local pub in a mountain village, every person entering stopped at our table and said hello to Lil’Goblin. Later on we noticed that toddlers or adults with fair hair are very rare in the area.

Every larger shop had plenty of baby foods to offer, but mostly from the Plasmon brand. Sadly, shops were not open all day, so we learned to plan in advance. Yogurts with plenty of sugar and zero fat are very popular all over Italy, finding something with less sugar was more of a challenge.

Since goblins love to travel, but usually do it on a budget, we use Airbnb. By using this link to subscribe, you get discount on your first trip, and we get one on our next. If you are not into Airbnb, here is a 10% percent discount on your next booking. Travel as much as you can.

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