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Our cloth diaper travel experience

Babies pee and poop 24/7, don’t they?

We try to make less waste with using cloth diapers but also not spend a fortune transporting stuff around. Having healthier and happier kid is nice too.

Lately we get a lot of questions about using cloth diapers on a trip.

Here is our experience in the last few months in 2019.

Stinjan, Croatia

  • dry weather, washing machine
  • car

Short and sweet trip to visit our friends. We didn’t pack much and it was all dry in no time.

Bari in the spring was so nice. My favorite part of the trip was train trip to Alberobello, where we saw famous trulli houses.

Bari, Italy

  • mini apartment, new, adorable, with washing machine
  • by air with Ryan Air

 We were new cloth diaper users and were thinking of bringing them with us. Well, we chose Ryan Air, low budget airline with high luggage prices πŸ™‚

We paid for one large extra 20 kg suitcase and packed 4 days’ worth of clothes, for 4 people in there. It was full. Small free bags were packed with snacks, backup clothes, one day pack of diapers, toys etc.

Our room/mini apartment had a washing machine but we had no idea where to dry clothes and were actually too lazy to spend our vacation time doing house chores.

We went to first shop we found and bought bag of disposable diapers that lasted us a few days.

Our clothes had to be washed anyway, since we only packed for 4 days and needed 7 πŸ™‚ There were a few self-wash places close to our hotel. We invested a few extra euros, dropped our clothes there and picked them up on the way back from the park. The only problem was getting used to Italian riposo time. When our kids were sleeping, so were the shop owners in the area.

Pag in the summer is perfect for drying cloth diapers πŸ™‚

Pag Island, Croatia

  • sunny summer days, washing machine and all you need to wash and dry anything πŸ™‚
  • bigger car than usually 

9 days, we had a car with a bigger trunk so packing many cloth diapers wasn’t a problem. Kiddo was running around without them most of the day, because summer and sea. 

Covers can’t go in the industrial drier, but they were dry in my car in no time.

Debeli Rtič in Slovenia

  • Hotel, no balcony, rain
  • by car

Staying in a hotel for 14 days, we took a few car trips to the local launderette Speed Queen in Koper. While washing, we did some shopping, took a nap in the stroller, walked around old Koper. One day we even saw four cops with guns caching a criminal. Mom was scared s…less, but Lil’Goblin loved it. Almost like on the TV he doesn’t get to watch yet. Doing laundry isn’t half as fun at home πŸ™‚

Parts that can’t go in the dryer had to be dried elsewhere. We were creative.


In hot summer months, cloth diapering during a trip is not a problem. In the winter? We will see.

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