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Travel with kids involves a lot more planing than solo travel. We used to take a day off, pack a mini bag and start an adventure with zero planing, packing and thinking ahead.

Now, we love to check kids activities and book places to sleep before we start. If there is a accommodation with a huge playground or sea/lake/river near the house, that is perfect. We will do museums, when kids grow up a bit 🙂

Highlights and itineraries and insider tips in the guides save us time researching the destination, so we have more time for fun and toddler tantrums. Can have a vacation without some of both 🙂

Juggling between hours of operation and nap times is an activity of its own. We soon learned, nap times have higher priority on our trips.

Lonely planet Pocket guides can be great help when planing longer trips. They have e-book and paper versions. When kids are sleeping in the back seats, mom gets the quiet time needed to drink her coffee on the go and check ”where are we going next”.

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