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How to travel and cloth diaper in the winter?

Cloth diapering is extra easy in the hot summer months. Wash, hang outside, wait a little bit and use again. Cloth nappies in the summer are almost fun.

It gets a bit more complicated in the winter.

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In the summer cloth almost took care of itself 🙂

How do we dry cloth diapers at home, when it is freezing outside?

In the drier, most of the time. We also use extra tick prefolds and night versions of cloth nappies, which absorb a lot of water, we usually finish drying those next to the radiator. We have relatively small stash and don’t plan to save them for any future children. Most were bought preloved (used), so we don’t really care if they last a bit less than planned.

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Cloth nappies in a hotel?

We try to book something with easy access to laundromat, preferably one with something interesting close by. Luckily most people have no idea what cloth nappies are, so we can safely leave them and do some sightseeing or check out a playground in the area. Industrial driers are super fast, so we can return to the laundromat in time and perhaps feed our kids snack there while we wait for the last few minutes.

Since we are on vacation and try to relax a bit, we usually combine cloth with some classical nappies, so we don’t have to panic about how many we have left. Luckily, our littlest goblin seems to have less skin problems than a year ago, so we can safely put him in plastic once in a while.

Where do we store dirty cloth nappies? Usually in a wet bag, so they don’t smell and we wash them usually every two days. 

How do we wash our diapers in a rented holiday apartment?

Wash and go – outside to have fun. Most places have washers and driers or some designated place to dry your clothes. If they don’t, we book elsewhere. We use filters while searching on Booking and other platforms and try to find as family friendly places as possible. 

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Do we use cloth nappies while visiting family?

This one is a bit tricky. Most of the family is happy to see our kids and have no problem with the fact that they poop and we cloth diaper. We might have to remind them not to trow the reusable nappies out after changing, but most of them remember the dark and smelly old times when all nappies had to be washed and reused.  

Some don’t like cloth nappies and believe we are disgusting people for willingly touching said nappies.

Well, life is to short to spend our time with such people 🙂

Do you think worrying about cloth nappies is a waste of travel time?

For inspiration an motivation, here is a full time RV living mom using cloth diapers only.

Our favourite brand?

We love Bambino Mio but also use many other brands.

Since goblins love to travel, but usually do it on a budget, we use Airbnb. By using this link to subscribe, you get discount on your first trip, and we get one on our next. If you are not into Airbnb, here is a 10% percent discount on your next booking. Travel as much as you can.


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