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Weekend in Belgium part.2

Have you read Part 1.?

Our trip around Belgium continued…

Culture in Antwerp

MAS museum, Belgium, Antwerp

The building of the MAS museum is also a piece of art.

We started next day early. We planned to see a lot more than we were actually capable of doing.  Since it was the heritage day in Belguim (24.4.2016) we visited one of the museums with free entrance. We chose MAS – Museum aan de stroom. It has a great terrace on the top with panoramic view of the city. It was closed because the weather was horrible but after a checking out a few permanent and temporary exhibitions it opened up again. We loved the part about life, death and gods the most.

World’s most beautiful train station

Antwerp, train station, Belgium, Flanders

Main train station in Antwerp looks a loot better than usual train stations.

We walked from MAS to the central station. It is impressive. The interior looks like something you would expect from a cathedral. There was of course some military protection, but it was possible to take some photographs without weapons or uniforms on them. We got lost on our way back to the car and walked for and extra hour.


We failed to visit Hallerbos, but you can check out some great videos from kerkstraat63 on youtube.

The famous blue forest in Hall near Brussels was in full bloom. This year it attracted so many visitors, that the local eco-warriors started to advise people on other places they should visit instead. We failed to go there this time. We had friends waiting for us in the other region of Belgium, Wallonia.

Wallonia area and city of Mons

Mons, beer, Belgium

There are 180 breweries in the country, so there are many beers to choose from.

Soon after leaving the Flemish region, passing the Brussels area and entering Wallonia, we noticed the change in road quality. Road signs changed to French and holes in the asphalt became very frequent and huge. After home cooked African dinner at our friend’s temporary home – student dorm room, we were too tired to go out for more Belgian beer and night life in the university city of Mons. I am always shocked when we debate the difference in cost of living there or at our home. You pay same rent for a tiny dorm room in far from the best part of Belgium or for a whole small apartment close to the centre of Ljubljana in Slovenia. But they have better beer.

Last few hours in Dinant before the airport madness

Dinant, Ljubljana, Sax, Wallonia

Mr. Sax was born in Dinant. This sax is painted in Slovenian style (there is a dragon hiding behind a Ljubljana castle).

Last day was a lot shorter than expected. We rose early and had started for Dinant. Crazy road conditions and road works took another extra hour. It looks close on the map, but after two years living in Wallonia, I learned there are always road works and congestions and the best thing to do is to get used to it.  In Dinant we almost had our favourite type of lunch – demi baguette with chicken and curry. It was sold out, so we had to endure with chicken in andaluse sauce. Also yummy.

We still love Belgium

We will surely visit Belgium again. We love their culture, nature and there are so many places we haven’t seen yet. But we will most definitely avoid the airport plus rented car combination. It took too much time and energy.

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