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Second 5 free things to do in Ljubljana

Ljubljana has a lot to offer. Have you read our First 5 free things to do in Ljubljana?

  1. Go on a free walking tour around Ljubljana

There is no such thing as free lunch, they say. You don’t have to buy tickets to participate, but you are expected to tip the guide at the end.

There are a few of tours available, since Goblins love street art, we noticed this one more than others: Ljubljana Alternative tours

They visit Metelkova city and old Rog factory, so you will get a big dose of alternative culture.

This one is more classic type, and it takes you to all popular tourist sites. …. The Ljubljana Free Tour . 

2. Explore Plečnik’s Ljubljana

Famous Slovenian architect Plečnik was very busy during the 20th century. He was inspired by the ancient Athens. You can see his work everywhere in Ljubljana. Walk over his Triple bridge, visit Central Market and parts ob Slovenian National and University Library that are open to non members. If you want more, take the bus to Žale Cemetery. It might be the most impressive cemetery you have ever seen. Closer to the centre of Ljubljana, he also designed Šance next to Ljubljana castle. Šance are strolling area, redesigned on the remains of a fort.

3. Go to a free concert or festival in Ljubljana

Tivoli, Slovenia, picnic in a park

Eat, mingle and enjoy free music with a green background.

In summer months you can visit free concerts in Tivoli park. Bring your own picnic food and blanket to sit on during PiknikKoncert event. Concerts are organized by Hiša otrok in umetnosti. They also organize Festival Zmaj Kamšibaj – free Japanese style poppet theater performances in May and Emonska promenada festival last weekend of August. Emonska promenada is international street festival for kids and families or everyone who likes fun.

Free music anyone?

In June, visit Junij v Ljubljani festival. Join people in Congress square park and listen to music from word famous performers. There is something for every taste, from classic to electronic music. Visiting Ljubljana in winter? There are open air concerts every day from the 26th of December  to the 1st of January. Walk around center, I am sure you will hear them.

Do you love street theater?

Every year streets come alive with Ana Desetnica festival. If you like street theatre, you won’t be disappointed. Ana Desetnica was 20 years old in 2017 and became very large festival. For locations and events, check their official page. There is also Ana Mraz in the winter and Ana Plamenita festival in November. Ana Plamenita is a festival of fire installations.

4. Read a book next to the Ljubljanica river or in the park

Tivoli, Library, Ljubljana

Library under the Treetops in Tivoli park.

Sadly, this one is also only possible in summer, and only when the weather allows it. Main location is in the Tivoli park, next to the Tivoli Fishpond, but there are many others.They will happily lend you a book and a lounger chair. For extra free events, check the times on the blackboard on the location. If you read in the Library under the Treetops in the castle, you might be treated to an hour of live music for readers.

5. Spend your night cruising trough museums

It only happens once a year. Annual Museum Summer Night took place on Saturday 16th of June in 2017. 80 museums across Slovenia were free to enter and 200 free cultural events took place. Check here for the next Museum Summer night.

Are you in Ljubljana in May? On International Museum Day, 18th of May, many museums will organize free tours and events.

Yes, there is also one in the  winter. Slovenia’s greatest poet France Prešeren was born on 3rd of Decembre. This day is now known as Ta veseli dan kulture (This happy day of culture). He died on 8th of februar, Slovenian day of culture. And, both days are celebrated with lots of free events and free museum entrances to some of the museums.

National Gallera, Slovenia, Musem night, free entrance

Spend a night in the National Gallery of Slovenia during Museum Summer Night in June

Not only those 4 days, some, not all museums have one day of free entrance every month. It is usually first Sunday in the month. Check the website of your favorite museum.

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