Where to change your baby’s diaper in Ljubljana?

Exploring Ljubljana with a stinky baby can be easily avoided. In the last months we tested quite a few baby changing facilities in Slovenia’s capital. Here is our list. Fell free to also use this list for ideas, where to go with a baby in Ljubljana.

More locations will be added.

1.Tivoli park – Čolnarna cafe

It is a bit to public for our taste (in front of the toilet), but the table does its job. Čolnarna is located next to a pond and is very popular with young families.

2. The most centrally located

Ljubljana castle, baby, baby changing station

To find what is hidden, one must wander under the castle.

Castle is very easy to find. It is in the middle of Ljubljana, on top of the hill. Changing table is in the ladies bathroom under the castle and there is a small fee to enter the toilets. The automatic doors were broken at the time of our visit, so we had to climb over the ramp. Lil’Goblin liked it.

3. Under the Prulski most (Prule bridge)

One of those I would never find on my own. Public toilets are hidden under a bridge next to Ljubljanica river. Surprisingly clean.


4. Novi trg

In Ljubljana, we love to hide toilets under bridges. This one was perfectly located for our trips to winter market in Ljubljana. Novi trg, Ljubljana, baby


5. Family center Mala ulica

On a rainy day we visted Mala ulica. They have an entrance fee. Lil’Goblin was overjoyed. Not with the fee, with their toys. He could crash firetruck into a dumpster truck. Who could wish for more? There is also a small cafe for mom and lots of other toys for kids who are not into firetrucks. Stollers have to be parked outside. Changing table is in the basement and it is extra pretty.


mala ulica, Ljubljana, baby, changing table

Perfect for shorter and toller goblins.


6. Kodeljevo castle

castle, Kodeljevo castle, Ljubljana, baby

Kodeljevo castle. We love the play ground and the park. Changing table could be better.

There is no picture of the changing table. It is located in the castle basement. You have to walk down the stairs and carry all gear with you. It is not very practical and we hope it gets some upgraids soon. Guys from Kodeljevo castle, if you are reading this, please add a bin next to it. Some sort of shelf to put baby things on would also be nice.

7. Ljubljana city library

All branches are baby friendly. Where are they located? Click.

Ljubljana city library, baby, Ljubljana

Read a book, change a nappy.

8. ZOO Ljubljana – Živalski vrt Ljubljana

Ljubljana has a ZOO.

It is not very big, but babies aren’t picky. Lil’Goblin likes the elefant and isn’t very fond of parrots.

ZOO, Ljubljana, Baby changing

Monkeys, elefants and clean babies in Ljubljana ZOO.

9. Baby changing at University Botanic garden

botanic garden, Ljubljana, baby

On a hot summer days you can hide in the botanic garden. Park your stroller under a tree and enyoj in the shade.

10. Shopping center Supernova, Rudnik

This one is not in the centre but we love it.
Lil’Goblin’s favourite. They have great drawings on the walls. It is loceted in the ladies toilet on the first floor.


Supernova Rudnik, Ljubljana, baby changing station

We love this one.

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