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Open doors at the Royal palace of Brussels

Every summer Royal palace of Brussels opens its doors for public. This year it is open from 22 of July to the 2 of September 2018, so there is still time if you are in the area.

Visitors can walk around past home of Belgian kings and queens, free of charge .  They didn’t move to a normal sized apartment now, don’t worry, their place of residence is now The royal palace of Laeken.

Maneken Piss, Peing Boy, Brussels

Belgians take great pride in Manneken Piss aka the Peeing Boy statue. His clones can be found in every shop in Brussels.

Visiting the Royals

Today the King and Queen still have their offices in the palace and the King Philippe carries out his duties as the head of the state from there. The building houses state rooms where large receptions are held. There are also living quarters for visiting dignitaries.

I was there in summer 2014 – twice in fourteen days. Sadly, only some parts are open for public, but enough to come out of the palace very jealous after a very long walk. You walk from one lavishly furnished room to the next, gold walls and exquisite fabrics everywhere. But after seeing a few rooms, we realized that having a morning coffee in on one of the palace rooms would be too stressful. Imagine spilling your cup over mahogany table with extra rare tablecloth, while your cat decides to scratch the tapestry of the wall. But, of course, one could drink coffee in a different room every day for quite a while.

Sadly, back then I was not backing up my photographs as regularly as I do today.  After taking probably fifty selfies in front of my favorite pieces of furnishing extravaganza called insides of Royal palace of Brussels and posing under every chandelier, my SD card decided it had enough. Everything went blank. Some photos taken by other enchanted visitors are available here.

Luckily there were waffles

After your SD card betrays you, there is only one thing to do. You find the nearest bar or one of many food trucks and treat yourself with an original Belgian waffle, with extra everything. Not what a local would do, but, life is too short to eat normal number of toppings on your waffles. Even if you skip the Royal palace of Brussels visit, don’t skip the waffles.

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  1. Those gold walls look so lavish indeed! I´d love to visit the Royal Palace of Brussels one day: will need to check the opening dates for the next year! #TheWeeklyPostcard

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