Museum of broken relationships is located inside baroque Kulmer palace.

Quirky Museum of Broken Relationships

Have you been to the Museum of Broken relationships in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia? No?

Do you like museums?

I like museums.  A lot.  Mostly art museums. The big ones in the Louvre and Tate category and also smaller ones, but I prefer art museums to any other type of museum. Sometimes my significant other persuades me to accompany him to some technical type of museum and usually, after a few rooms I feel the sudden need to hide in the corner and sleep there until we go home.

What is this museum about?

A museum about relationships? I was a bit skeptical about this too.

Wi-fi router represents lost love.

Their love was like this router, it never really worked.

How to get there?

The museum is situated in the heart of Zagreb’s old town. It grew from a traveling exhibition about failed relationships and their ruins.

Take the tram to Trg bana Jelačića (Ban Jelačić Square), which is basically the center of Zagreb, climb to the nearest hill and search for baroque Kulmer palace. Apparently there is also funicular somewhere, but there is not really need for one.

vinyl record If you go away.

40 years after, she decided to finally let go.

It is a very small museum, but somehow, if you start reading the stories of the objects on display, hours might pass before you leave. And you will most probably leave with tears in your eyes.

What is on display?

Objects were donated by real people from around the world. They were constant reminders of something that was but is no more, so by sending their garden Gnomes, Axes and Stiletto shoes to Zagreb they were finally able to move on. And with every Wi-Fi-router, Glass Horse or Teddy Bear, there is a story about how they met, fell in love and how it ended with disaster.

There are war love stories, summer flings, long distance sad stories, divorces and tragedies because of cultural or religious backgrounds.

Among other displayed items is an axe some guy used on her furniture after his girlfriend left him for another woman. There are some stories that will make you smile and there are suicide notes.

Museum of broken Relationships left me sad and nostalgic, but also happy knowing that people all around the world are not that different.

When is the best time to visit?

In summer months the museum gets a bit overcrowded. The idea works best if you are lucky enough to find rooms empty, so you can roam around on your own pace.

Before leaving it is a good idea to wipe off your tears and get a cup of tea at the museum’s small cafe, where they have ‘beer as cold as your ex’s heart‘, to put yourself back together before returning back to the busy Zagreb center.

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