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May flower fair in Olbia Sardinia

Our roadtrip around Sardinia started in the Golfo Aranchi port, where our Corsica lines ferry landed. We started early morning with a coffee break in a nearby Olbia and were lucky enough to walk directly into The Olbia in Fiore event.

Olbia in Fiore

Event started on the 25th of April and ended on the 1st of May. There were a lot of things going on. We loved the flowers all around the center. While we had our morning coffee, people were watering them and slowly getting ready for a new hot day. Next morning it started to rain πŸ™

Our day was packed with activities and exploring, so we left before any of the shops or the street food cars opened. You can see the busy afternoon version of the fair on the SardegnaBlog

olbia, fiore, flowers

It took us some time to figure out, why there were flowers everywhere. We bought some bonbons with our coffee and they were yummy.

tourists, Olbia, Sardinia, Sardegna, fiori, Olbia in fiori

Most of the city was still sleeping, only us, flower shop owners and other sleepy tourists were there.

fiori in Olbia, Sardinia, Sardegna, Flowers

Wish our street at home would look a little more like that.

basil, fiora in Olbia, flowers, Sardinia, sardegna

If we had more space in the trunk, a few of those would travel home with us. Since we were packed full, there was no space for strawberries or basil.

sardegna, sardinia, olbia in fiore. flowers

All those flowers were thirsty in the morning, hence those guys had plenty of work to do before the heat began.

sardinia, sardegna, street food, olbia, olbia in fiore

We decided to come back here to eat on the last day of the trip to try local street food. Before going to the port we stopped for a bite, even trough it was raining heavily, and had some seafood at La Spianata. Can only recommend it.


sardovan, street food, sardinia, sardegna, olbia, fiora in olbia

We tracked down Sardovan food van, which was hiding among the flowers. Green color made him fit in even better. What do they serve? Check here: Sardovan

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