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Don’t do this in London

I already shared with you my low budget London ideas. But, there are also things that are better to be avoided while in London. So here is a short list.

Mind the Tube etiquette

Mind the gap. And stand on the right side of the tube escalator. There is always someone who is in a big hurry to get home. And don’t even think of standing on the same stair with a friend and chatting with her while blocking people trying to run by you. There are lots and lots of rules, but, don’t worry, there are also posters with basic ones on the walls.

 London, Tube, poster, tube rules

Mind the written rules of the Tube.

There is also a pavement etiquette

Apparently Londoners also don’t like people walking in the middle of the pavement and stopping to take selfies. You should step aside.


Don’t spend all your time in London underground unless you are a gangster. Walk around, enjoy the surroundings, walk around Baker Street and pretend you are Watson, waiting for your Holmes to show up. You can also hire a bike. Here are some ideas where to cycle in London. But remember to drive on the wrong side of the street. Or the right one. It certainly depends on who you ask.

Don’t stay in West London

It is full of expensive restaurants, high-end hotels and …even worse … other tourists. East London should be cheaper, or use Airbnb and try to find the wackiest place listed. There was one very centrally located room, where the host warned potential guests that we shouldn’t unpack since they are being evicted and might be thrown out a bit sooner than expected. And my second favourite was a boat on the river Thames. It was rent free, but you were supposed to spend four hours a day painting the boat. Every day. Maybe next time.

Don’t go for a weekend and think you have seen all of London

London is huge. If you are like me, you will spend at least one day inside one of the museums. And if I start with window shopping and go for a walk in one of many enormous parks, the second day will disappear as it has never existed. And there is still so much to see and do.

Map of London's Tube sistem.

London is much bigger than it seems. And the Tube goes almost to Scotland. Almost.:)But not in this direction.

Don’t believe the rumours. Not all English food is disgusting.

They put carrots in most unexpected places. Even inside cakes. And fish and chips on offer vary from heavenly to total taste disaster. But there are also scones with clotted cream and jam. And don’t ask which topping goes on the scone first. The jury is still out on that important topic. There is also world famous English breakfast. I heard there are people that eat that calorie bomb daily and live to tell about it. Respect.

Don’t take it to the heart

Being sarcastic is normal in London and all over England. British humour is something that takes some getting used to. So don’t take offense to fast. And if someone keeps calling you dear or love or darling, it might not be as special and romantic as it sounds. Even a formal letter to IRS might start with dear IRS.

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