Short break on Croatian island Krk

Goblinette visited Croatian island Krk and stayed in a beautifully remodeled Park Punat hotel in a sunny Punat town in 2018. How was it? Awesome.

What to do on the sunny island Krk?

  • Swim in the ocean or in the pool
  • Try local food
  • Visit an Olive grow Ulika in Punat, visit the oil refinery and try top quality freshly squeezed olive oil. You can also try local wines there or have a whole dinner with a romantic view

  • Visit the Kosljun monastery museum on a mini island short boat trip from Pazin
  • Bike around the island
  • Visit Biserujka caves or Aquarium in Baska
  • Visit Baska grapa for a day of climbing. We did that a few years ago. Climbing above the ocean all day and relaxing muscles with the dip in the sea in the evening.

What was Goblinette doing on Krk?

Not much, actually. Lil’Goblin 2 was almost there and her doctor said she should rest for a while. No picking up Lil’Goblin 1 for a few days was also advised.

What better way to rest than under an umbrella next to a pool. No cooking for a few days, no stress. Morning walks, slow and relaxed swimming and lots of rest in a cosy room with a perfect work desk for a short writing breaks.

Falkensteiner Punat Hotel, teenager room, toddler, baby, Croatia, Krk

Short visit to extra small Kosljun island and its museum in a monastery.

Well, she did manage a few easy trips in the area. Kosljun monastery museum made an impression. Cycling and climbing was left to other people this time.

Falkensteiner Hotel Park Punat

Goblins usually travel on a budget, but sometimes we also love to just chill and let someone else take care of everything. We have stayed in a few nice hotels across the world (mostly on business trips), but this was Goblinette’s first family hotel. The vibe there is totally different. It actually fills nice and warm like visiting friends or family. You know, the ones you actually like to visit. Hotel was remodeled in 2018 so everything was brand new. It was designed to be a perfect place for families with children.

family hotel, Falkensteiner, Punat, Krk, Croatia

Consequently, if you don’t like seeing happy little humans everywhere, this is not the best place for your summer relaxation. What was Goblinette’s favorite part of the hotel? Her room with a nice sized desk for writing.

Hotel Park Punat, Falkensteiner, family hotel, Krk, Croatia

Cosy room, sturdy working desk and a pool. What more could one want?

All inclusive self service restaurant was also a big plus. While she actually had to plan meals in advance at home (annoying gestational diabetes), here she just walked in a restaurant and chose extra healthy foods someone else prepared. Of course she did her best to avoid the cake area.

If you are choosing a family hotel on Krk, we certainly recommend checking Falkensteiner Hotel Park Punat out.

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