Have you been to this 6 Christmas markets?

Goblins are not particularly fond of Christmas holidays, but we love Christmas markets. Here are some of our favorites.

One of the most famous ones is in Cologne (Koln), Germany

Best to plan in advance. Get more info here.

This one is so big, you have to take special mini train from one venue to another. You can also collect different mulled vine cups. Hence I have a lot of them. After a while, we had to switch to hot chocolate only to get more cute cups with dwarfs and angels. Sadly, big crowded places with lots of happy people having fun also attract thieves. What makes it different from all other markets? Cologne also has Gay and Lesbian Christmas market. It is open to everyone, but goods on display are a bit different. If you are searching for a chocolate penis, this is a place to be.

Go underground in Valkenburg, Netherlands

Video made by Expedia Pioneer Daisy: Kerststad Valkenburg in twee minuten

I found out about this one from my German friend Peter. And Germans know their Christmas markets, so we had to check it out. Goods sold on the market were nothing special. But the location of the Market was spectacular. Stalls are set in an underground cave. Town is the right size to make Santa Claus procession look great.

Maastricht in the Netherlands

M aastrich, christmas market

Maastricht, Foto by: Nik Moriss (van Leiden)

We went to this one by mistake, because we mixed two very similar sounding names of towns together. So by total luck we visited this great mix of stalls, Ice skating ring, Ferris wheel and food. Dutch people know how to make their sausages. And the choice of food was so big it became a problem. We had to come again in a few days to try other stalls too.

Brussels, Belgium


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May your days be merry and briiiiiight ? (and filled with mulled wine) ?

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In 2016 Brussels had a lot of problems and gained negative publicity. But that doesn’t make their Christmas market any less glorious. It is stretched across centre and so big, you will need a map. They have a new Ferris wheel (55m), stalls with seasonal gastronomic treats like French Tartuflette, which tastes best eaten on the street, in good company.

What is going on this year?
Here is the page: Brussels Christmas market

Monschau Christmas Market, Monschau, Germany

Monschau, christmas market

Monschau, Foto by: currystrumpet

Official page of the Monchau market.

Picturesque medieval town of Monschau looks great in any time of year, but in the winter it is magical. Hence it was called the most romantic Christmas market in Germany. As I said before, Germans know their Kristkindl markets, so you can imagine it is pretty special. But, since it is also very popular tourist attraction, plan ahead and book a bus tour or check where to park in advance. If you can’t go, not all is lost. House of Christmas in Monschau is open from March to December, so next season of Xmas fun starts soon.

Christmas market in Zagreb, Croatia


Story of our first visit to Christmas market in Zagreb can be found here.

After our visit in 2017 we made this short guide – How to survive Advent in Zagreb.

What else can you do in Zagreb? Visit The broken relations museum. We loved it.

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