Serenity at Croatian coast.

Side effects of budget travel

To or not to budget travel. It shouldn’t be the question. Travel broadens the mind and makes us better people. It sounds a bit pompous,  but it is true.

 1. Budget travel makes you more open to different cultures

At least budget travel. You can do high end travel and only see your 5 star hotel room and main tourist traps. But with any budget version chances are you are forced to spend more time with the locals. Waiting on late buses, staying with them at AirBnb or trough CouchSurfing, sharing a beer with them after they helped you find Dante’s grave in Florence you wanted to see but missed the opening times and then it started to rain…. And by knowing them chances are, you will start to like them or at least understand their ways a bit better. There are idiots, thieves and scoundrels everywhere, but in my experience you can also find great people in every corner of the globe.

2. You become more independent

Budget travel will get you far away from your mom’s cooking and you will not be able to use your usual social circle for help. Soon you will start to think with your own head and quickly learn new skills. I used to be dead scared of driving in big cities. But then I really wanted to see Louvre. And I was only across the border but too late to book a public transport. So I went there, somehow came back in one peace, and I am now ready to drive everywhere in Europe.

3. You learn to improvise

You are in a new environment, and things change fast. You planed ahead, but there was a flood and a train you booked is cancelled until further notice. So, no problem, you will take the bus or hitchhike for a few km until the next train stop.

GPS, lost, no roads, Bosnia

When you are somewhere in Bosnia, a bit lost and GPS decides to stop working.

4. You learn not to panic

Something went wrong. You are stuck in middle of nowhere and it is getting dark and cold. And the wolves are closing in. A tourist might cry or panic, but you are a cool experienced traveller. You know that ‘’shit happens’’ and you know that you can solve it. So you put on your shades, look up in CSI Miami style and save the day.

5. You get all those cool travel stories

While your friends were playing computer games and hanging at the mall, you were hiking up the volcano….on the Java Island. And met that girl, and traveled with her all around Indonesia before she had to go back to Australia and broke your heart. But you still remember that romantic kiss under the Borobudur.

6. You learn how to live on less and still have a great time

Travel is a real eye opener. Chances are, we are used to some sort of standard of living. With budget travel we get round on a lot less and usually realize, we have more fun without all the gadgets and luxuries we couldn’t find room for in our backpacks.

7. You become happier with what you have

Maybe your neighbour does have a better car, and his wife doesn’t stop talking about their pool, but you know there are more important things in life. You know that a plane ticket to somewhere new will make you richer with not things but experience.

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