Swimming and camping by the Kolpa river

Summer in Slovenia is in full swing. Most locals and tourists migrate to the sea coast or to the local lakes. We chose to swim in a river for a change. River Kolpa is located in the southern region of Slovenia and is one of the warmest rivers in Slovenia. It was less than two […]

Short break on Croatian island Krk

Goblinette visited Croatian island Krk and stayed in a beautifully remodeled Park Punat hotel in a sunny Punat town. How was it? Awesome. What to do on the island Krk? • Swim in the ocean or in the pool • Try local food • Visit an Olive grow Ulika in Punat, visit the oil refinery […]

cheese, Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia road trip and camping

Camping with a toddler and a preggy on an  Italian island? It was fun. The only problem was the weather. When is perfect time to visit Sardinia? At the beginning of May 2018, we managed to get one one day of swimming and lots of rain. Some of the attractions we planned to visit, were […]

Greenhill dwarfs, bilingual, English, German, story, kindle book, kindle

New bilingual book Greenhill dwarfs

Why we made a bilingual Kindle book? We love traveling with our Kindle. It works for weeks without charging and packs a lot smaller than any other books we own. Goblinette sometimes also likes to write, but hates the making book look pretty part. Now one of her stories is available on Amazon. Lil’Goblin is […]

Zagreb Advent, winter, Croatia

How to survive Advent in Zagreb

Zagreb Advent is once again the most popular winter event. It is growing not only in popularity but also in size. We decided to go again this year and spent some time checking out the decorations, culinary booths and all the nice shiny things Gobinette likes so much. If you are planning on visiting, there are […]

Trieste with a toddler

Road trip with a toddler time. Let’s go to Trieste. Sadly, time before presidential elections is always the best time for road works. We spent 2 hours of our trip in a congestion in Slovenia. Some toddlers love sitting in a car and playing quietly. Our, sadly, doesn’t. We had toys, snacks and were singing […]

monkeys, affenberg, Villach, Austria, Carinthia

Japanese monkeys roam Austrian Affenberg

Austria is a fun summer destination Goblins like monkeying around. We spent very sunny Sunday near Villach, Austria.  Austria is famous for its skiing, but it is also a great summer destination. Numerous lakes, hiking paths, parks and festivals can keep anyone busy. Luckily, one of the part time goblins had to work on Saturday. […]

Where to change your baby’s diaper in Ljubljana?

Exploring Ljubljana with a stinky baby can be easily avoided. In the last months we tested quite a few baby changing facilities in Slovenia’s capital. Here is our list. Fell free to also use this list for ideas, where to go with a baby in Ljubljana. More locations will be added. 1.Tivoli park – Čolnarna […]

Italy, Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre road trip

Road trip time Cinque Terre in Italy has been on Goblinettes list for a long time. Five colorfull villages on the north-east coast of Italy were waiting to be discovered. We could get there from Slovenia in one day,but we decided on driving shorter distances every day and slowly exploring Italy. Getting around the five […]

Babywearing goblin adventures

Goblins love to travel. So does our Lil’ Goblin. Even though he doesn’t know it yet. At a very young age he has been to a few museums, events, short treks, on a bus, travelled on a train and was in aquarium. He slept most of the time. How did we do it? Babywearing start […]