Free or cheap fun in London

I had recently gotten my hands on two very cheap last minute plane tickets to London. Soon I realised that most of my friends have serious jobs and commitments, and so are unable to spend a weekend away without a few weeks’ notice. Luckily, there was one crazy female book enthusiast with free time, and […]

How not to hike like Cheryl Strayed

A while ago I got a recommendation from Amazon about inspiring travel books to read. And one of them was Wild. And it did have some inspiring qualities. I still don’t want to hike across America. But it made me move my ass to the top of the nearest hill. While reading the book, I […]

Serenity at Croatian coast.

Side effects of budget travel

To or not to budget travel. It shouldn’t be the question. Travel broadens the mind and makes us better people. It sounds a bit pompous,  but it is true.  1. Budget travel makes you more open to different cultures At least budget travel. You can do high end travel and only see your 5 star […]

LIttle prince, doors Madeira, doors Funchal, Madeira island, art Madeira, Portugal

Why goblins

The big goblin question There are many sorts of goblins, but most don’t like taking selfies or posing for photographs. People often ask me Why goblins? Why not trolls or wizards or elves? I sort of like goblins. And other mythical creatures, without discrimination. They are supposed to be small and mischievous. I like to […]