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Why knowing a foreign language is a must?

Since you are reading this, you probably can speak English. But, world is full of people who can’t. Life on Earth would be easier if we could use only one common language, but sadly that is not the case. So why do I think languages are important for my fellow travellers? According to the Practical […]

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Don’t do this in London

I already shared with you my low budget London ideas. But, there are also things that are better to be avoided while in London. So here is a short list. Mind the Tube etiquette Mind the gap. And stand on the right side of the tube escalator. There is always someone who is in a […]

Culture shock

Travel is not all moonlight and roses. Relocating to a foreign environment for a longer period of time can bring culture shock. The more we travel, less likely we are to experience it, or we will experience on a smaller scale. Can culture shock be avoided? Not entirely, but if we prepare correctly before arrival […]

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Vienna on a budget

Vienna is famous for being expensive, but we managed to find a few reasonably priced attractions and even some free ones. So here is goblins’ Vienna on a budget. Felt like a princess at Schonbrunn gardens The biggest ones are probably Schonbrunn gardens. Next to the Schonbrunn palace. Near the Schonbrunn zoo, the world’s oldest […]

Museum of broken relationships is located inside baroque Kulmer palace.

Quirky Museum of Broken Relationships

Have you been to the Museum of Broken relationships in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia? No? I like museums.  A lot.  Mostly art museums. The big ones in the Louvre and Tate category and also smaller ones, but I prefer art museums to any other type of museum. Sometimes my significant other persuades me to […]

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Open doors at the Royal palace of Brussels

Every summer Royal palace of Brussels opens its doors for public. This year it is open from 22 of July to the 2 of September 2018, so there is still time if you are in the area. Visitors can walk around past home of Belgian kings and queens, free of charge .  They didn’t move […]

Busy street in Gent, Belgium.

Why I love Airbnb when I travel?

In the last few years I fell in love with Airbnb. It has saved me tons of money and with its help I met tons of weird local people. I would never had met them if I had stayed in some boring hotel. What is Airbnb? Let’s say there is a hypothetical Mike. Mike has […]

view from the path to the peak Debela pec.

Enjoy summer hiking in Slovenia

Hiking is something we Slovenians have very strong feelings about. Either we love it or we hate it. There is no ‘’in between’’. And is getting more and more popular among tourists as well. More and more people want to go hiking to Slovenia. Don’t give mountain rescue teams extra work This might be one […]

Local buses and Hitchhiking in Madeira

Dreaming of Madeira On a rainy summer day I usually daydream of sunny islands. Right now I would love to be back on Madeira Island. Great food, nice people, cheap delicious desserts in local cake shops. And of course stunning views from the mountain roads to the not so friendly looking sea waves. And all […]

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Goblin’s couchsurfing basics

An important part of every voyage is getting some well-deserved rest. One of the cheapest and relatively comfortable options is Couchsurfing. 1. Creating profile After you join the community on https://www.couchsurfing.com/, you can sleep almost anywhere in the world for free. Almost. You are not required to pay (with money) but somehow help your host […]