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How to enyoj flying more?

Most of the longer trips start with buying plane tickets. But not everyone enjoys flying so much. Of course we could go on a road trips more often. Doing a few hundred kilometres with car and losing a few days of holidays before you even arrive at the wanted destination, can be a problem. Don’t […]

Castle, sea and romantic walk in Trieste

Romantic Trieste? Trieste romantic? When I think of romantic places, Trieste in Italy is not usually on my mind. I saw a few commercials for romantic stays there and I was a bit sceptic. Actually, for me it was allways more a place to go shopping to, or to catch a plane from the Trieste […]

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First 5 free things to do in Ljubljana

Are you in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, and looking for things to do on a budget? Here are some ideas. 1. Visit Ljubljana open market You can get fresh produce in an open market under famous Plečnik’s Arcades at the River Bank and there is also an indoor market area at Pogačarjev trg 1 […]

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Travel finance, steady jobs and other options

Is it good idea to quit your job and travel around the world? I see more and more posts about people quitting corporate jobs and traveling the world. They never write about travel finance. There are usually happy faces everywhere and they are usually trying to sell me something. Lately I read a post from […]

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New York by American dreamer

We have a guest blogger.  Our first. My friend Michel. We meet in Belgium, approx. 3 years ago. He taught me all about couchsurfing and is a really nice guy. He is an expert on budget travel, and this summer he visited America. There he fell in love with New York and is already planning […]

Have you been to this 6 Christmas markets?

Goblins are not particularly fond of Christmas holidays, but we love Christmas markets. Here are some of our favourites. One of the most famous ones is in Cologne (Koln), Germany This one is so big, you have to take special mini train from one venue to another. You can also collect different mulled vine […]

Sleep on a clean surface but on a budget

Travel is great experience. But it also has its down sides. One of those are the sleeping costs. Budget travel is all about getting those costs down. That is why I use sleeping bag liner. Smelly beds and room corners Getting a free place to sleep from someone on a Couchsurfing is a great thing, […]

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Inventing and getting lost in Udine

I went to Arts/Tech/Biz Mash Up in Udine. Udine is place in Italy, near Venice. Why is this in budget section on the blog? Because on this event you get feed tasty Italian snacks for three days for free. And loots of fizzy drinks. Why is it also under smart travel? Because it made me […]

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Venice – funky smelling city on water

Venice. City of love. Or was that Paris? Well, Venice can also be very romantic. If you let it. Goblinette is lucky enough to live three hour drive away from Venice. Or unlucky. It depends on the point of view. Lately every friend that comes for a visit from abroad sooner or later checks the […]