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Why goblins

The big goblin question

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There are many sorts of goblins, but most don’t like taking selfies or posing for photographs.

People often ask me Why goblins? Why not trolls or wizards or elves? I sort of like goblins. And other mythical creatures, without discrimination. They are supposed to be small and mischievous. I like to imagine them backpacking around. Or hiding in other people’s luggage and posing in front of the Eiffel Tower. Or eating fish and chips in London, on their weekend away from WWOOF-ing.

budget, travel, goblin, backpack, goblins

This is what a backpack for a goblin would look like.

But they try to travel as much as they can, on limited budgets, since they’re not leprechauns with their pots of gold. So they sometimes have to find work or budget accommodation. And, this is what we help them with. With smart travel ideas.

What will goblins write about?

So, on this blog you can expect some travel advice, some travel psychology, ideas on where to go, how to stay safe and how to see the world on a budget or even earn something while abroad. Welcome.

Main goblin aka Goblinette

This blog has a #girlboss called Goblinette. She loves to travel and write about it. After going to most Europian countries, enjoying Čevapčiči all around Balkan, backpacking around Indonesia and Morocco and working abroad for 2 and a half years (counting all together), she believes she is now skilled in budget travel. She also enjoys writing about herself in 3.rd person .

Sys Goblin

He is also known as Goblinette’s hubby. He likes to turn off the server only to hear panicking screams from the living room. In the long years he has learned to like budget travel but doesn’t want to type about it, ever. His work has sent him all around the globe and that made Goblinette one jealous goblin.


Lil’Goblin joined the goblin pack in summer of 2016. Tehnicaly, he was present on trips to Spain and Belgium, but back then he was less of a trouble maker. He likes being carried, eating send and pooping in public.

Guest Goblins – Extra rare breed

Sometimes one of our friends not only promises to do it but actually writes about a trip he/she recently returned from. When something like that happens, we are happy to publish it (when it is budget travel related).



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