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How to survive Advent in Zagreb

Zagreb Advent is once again the most popular winter event. It is growing not only in popularity but also in size. We decided to go again this year and spent some time checking out the decorations, culinary booths and all the nice shiny things Gobinette likes so much. If you are planning on visiting, there are some things we learned and might prove helpful on this already huge event.

1. Don’t go on the weekend.

Like you, everyone else only has time on the weekend. They somehow managed to get there before you and are all the line in front of you. Seriously, we have been told, that it is posibble to have a relaxed stroll trough the 9 markets and 2 extra locations. But not on the weekends in Decembre.

2. Check out the different markets online.

There are many locations and not much extra signs on the street. We visited Christmas market in Brussels a while back. It was in my opinion smaller than the one in Zagreb but you could still see useful huge signs with the map of all locations, concert times and such. In Zagreb we have seen zero. Last year we found one leaflet with the location in the bar on our way back to the train station. Unless you know Zagreb like your own pocket, you better prepare and read it online in advance. Here is the map.

3. Take the train, bus or tram.

Finding a parking space near the event is close to impossible. We did it. But we are awesome and lost a lot of time searching and still had to walk to one of the entrances and pass a few locations to get to the one we wanted. Smarter people park here. The tram would get us in the middle of the event directly, no hassle. During the weekends beetween 2.12. and 7.1 it is also FREE. So is the Zagreb funicular, on all days, not only weekends.

The train stops across the street to King Tomislav Square, where the biggest Ice skating rink far and wide is located. You can get special discounted return train tickets, if you are planning to visit Zagreb to Ice Skate and discount on morning ice-skating sessions tickets with your train tickets.

Flying to Zagreb?

Official arline Turkish Arlines gives special discounts in some of the classes with event code 184TKM17.

4. Try all the food 🙂

Not all, but there is no need to eat before going there. Or after. You can find plenty of culinary delights to keep you happy all day on different street booths.

5. Where to sleep?

All great locations near Zagreb Advent were taken a while ago and prices climbed up to the sky. Since we are a budget travel blog, we recomend checking out for special offers (get 10% discount here) and Airbnb (30 EUR OFF for new users) or having as much fun you can and after taking late train home.

6. Don’t plan to see much else.

Unless you have a few days to spend there, Zagreb Advent is a full time activity.  Zagreb has many great museums worth seeing, but they will still be there in the spring and Museum of broken relationships is much more enjoyable when there are only a few visitors inside.

7. Travelling to Zagreb Advent with child or toddler?

Don’t miss Priča s griča/Story from the hill with the magical forest and Advent in the tunnel with over-sized toys. Did you notice Fuliranje/Fooling around on the map? This location promises fun, clowns, fire eaters and is so far the only one with the dog restaurant. Your pet can now happily indulge in winter overeating, just like everyone else.

8. Don’t try to see it all.

You can come back next year.

9. Happy Holidays and great 2018.

Goblins wish you all the best in the coming year.

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Happy New Year 2018

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